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AMAZING Andrew Garfield is so good in this and it's so interesting

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tick, tick... BOOM!

Movies | Music

Love it I hope they make a new season I read the books and this was a great portrayal of the characters even though Kaz isn't as harsh in the show as the books

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Shadow and Bone

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

One of my favorite Ryan Reynolds movies so funny

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The Adam Project

Movies | Science Fiction

So good and made me fall even more in love with Marvel and Yelena Belova/Florence Pugh

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Shows | Action & Adventure

Loved this movie I cannot tell you how great it is its so funny and it reassured me that SAT's aren't that big of a deal and to just relax which was great

The Perfect Score imageThe Perfect Score image

The Perfect Score

Movies | Comedy

So good Paul rudd is so funny in this movie I love the concept of antman overall

Ant-Man imageAnt-Man image


Movies | Science Fiction

I liked this movie it was a bit predictable but it was pretty good

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Movies | Adventure

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