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This is another one of those that I wish I could leave a rating score. The hosts are not really funny and their schtic about what coffee they’re drinking is pointless, who cares? The stories themselves are good so you take the good and you take the bad...and there you have the facts of life and podcasts.

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Creepy Caffeine

Podcasts | True Crime

The stories are very compelling and spooky. Their accents are wonderful to listen to as they spin their tales.

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Real Life Ghost Stories

Podcasts | Comedy

This is when I wish this app had a rating scale. This podcast can be good, especially if you’ve listened to all your other podcasts for the week. The hosts are very loud who scream and cackle right into the microphone, so turn the volume up at your own risk. The hosts also think they are very funny, but I rarely find myself laughing out loud. The stories are good though and that’s ultimately what I’m here for anyway.

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Podcasts | Comedy

Just like the show we all know and love, but in podcast form!

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Unsolved Mysteries

Podcasts | True Crime

I was hesitant to watch this because it looked too campy for my liking, but was told by a friend that I should watch it. I also knew that the MCU is ever expanding and the stories feed into each other. So last night I have it a whirl. I’ll admit the first two episodes were pretty silly, but stick it out, it does get better. You have to be patient, but the reveal and ending is worth it.

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Shows | Action & Adventure

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