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Very interesting yet so sad. She surely had a rough life filled with much loss. This covered the latest discoveries heard in the news about her. It was also interesting to hear what Debbie Rowe had to say as well as the eulogy by Sarah Ferguson. I had watched the first airing of the Golden Globe Awards and did notice Lisa Marie--something seemed "off." [On Hulu @ this time.]

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TMZ Investigates: Lisa Marie Presley: Unending Tragedy


Oh my, so funny I laughed out loud @ the absurdity of some parts in here. Reese Witherspoon is just GREAT in this dark comedy. Lotsa violence but can't take it serious. (I'm thinking not everyone would like this movie as may be a bit junior high, but also not for kids.)

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So troubled. So many bad choices. I really worried for her. Hope she learned from this...

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True Things

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Thumbs up on this one. This is a longer movie & seemed perhaps a longer setup in the beginning, but probably necessary to the storyline. It picks up later. I'd like to a see it a 2nd time, paying even more close attention to the various characters and the texts/emails, which I put on pause to thoroughly read/interpret. All left me wanting to see it through to the interesting ending. Certainly more I'd like to say, but don't want to reveal any spoilers. Best to go into this blind.

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I wasn't so sure I'd like it in the beginning, but it gets better later if you hang on a bit. Not the best, but not sorry at all I watched. I like seeing anything that Jennifer Lopez is in. Didn't expect to see a familiar face from "The Good Place" in here, + other well knowns besides. This was kind of like watching a cartoon in a way.

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Shotgun Wedding

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I'll give this a thumbs up; HOWEVER, a certain character in here just INFURIATED me (yuck)!!! & a 2nd character did too actually, at first... Just watch it & you'll know who I'm speaking of... Starts off in 1892, etc. After watching, I found the books on Amazon, but if you haven't read the books yet don't go there until AFTER you see this movie as could spoil things.

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