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Musk is a visionary and inspires many others to come up with new ideas. Space exploration is something that will always be. His ideas might sound crazy to some, but didn't Isaac Newton sound crazy to some in his time? I do feel like humans aren't as inventive in a higher necessary like they were when the Armstrong landed on the moon or when the first airplane was created. I believe in Musk's abilities and his vision for the good of humanity. Eventually, I know that we will inhabit another planet

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Elon Musk

Books | Ashlee Vance

Being a 2001 novel, I felt like the reasoning for the prosecution was relevant in today's society with thoughts of racism through Crone's research. It was interesting to see the story unravel towards the end, leading to different possibilities.

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The Jury

Books | Steve Martini

I've always been curious and interested in the supernatural. Even though it was non-fiction. The author made the novel feel so sureal-the events and history that took place.

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Books | Ted Dekker

I usually am not the one to indulge in a self-help type book with a cup of coffee, but I am glad that I decided to sit in on this one. I know that there are so many professionals that have varying opinions on how to to raise children, but I truly took to heart this particular one. It's a struggle, raising kids, and trying to find the balance in self-assurance. Reading this book has helped give me some reassurances as well as some new helpful advice.

Between Parent and Child imageBetween Parent and Child image

Between Parent and Child

Books | Haim G. Ginott

It took me an unusually long time to finish this book. It was full of a lot of information. Eventually I understood more and more as I read it, but sometimes I get lost in all of the continously added developments on characters and experiences. It was a military influenced novel with a lot of terms that I couldn't decipher. Which made it more difficult to understand, therfore making it less interesting. In the end, I did finish it. It was well written, but not intended for me as a reader.

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Last Man Standing

Books | David Baldacci

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