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Cassidy Searle



I love this show it gives you a really well understanding on why the family is the way they are and you see a different side of them

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The Originals

Shows | Drama

Super good everyone has a super interesting role and super binge worthy

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Shows | Action & Adventure

Pretty good there’s always something happening so I never get bored with it

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Shows | Drama

Amazing and super funny

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Shows | Crime

FREAKING AMAZING! There’s Always something happening and I feel like I can relate with all the characters ❤️❤️❤️

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Shows | Drama

It was really good and kept it very interesting throughout all the movies it just seemed a little confusing when it came to them being together and like he’s obsessed with her there love is just weird and hard for me to understand but it is such a good movie if you like romance would recommend

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Movies | Fantasy

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