Cassie Granola



It was good. I liked the world building more than the romance. Good character development. Trigger warning if you have dealt with emotional abuse. Nice plot and good healing. It was difficult to read for me because the character had so much mental trauma (not her own fault) that she didn’t believe in herself for a long time. True to life, but difficult to endure as a reader when you want to tell them - you’re right they’re wrong! The male character annoyed me. Well written though.

A Dance with the Fae Prince imageA Dance with the Fae Prince image

A Dance with the Fae Prince

Books | Elise Kova

Fun read! Slow burn pg. reminds me of princess bride a bit with some zombie themes. Great world building. Hopefully there will be a sequel. Predictable but fun.

The Elf Tangent imageThe Elf Tangent image

The Elf Tangent

Books | Lindsay Buroker

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