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How much media actually can control you and that there aren't actually'people' monitoring the activity but using algorithms.

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The Social Dilemma

Movies | Documentary

I felt like the first movie was a but better but this one had some pretty funny moments. I just felt like it tried a little too hard. But definitely a very finny movie. Definitely recommend.

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Zombieland: Double Tap

Movies | Comedy

Love this movie! 80s horror that has stood the test of time. Are the graphics as great as today? Of courae not. But that was the 80s where they were just exoring differe t camera props and angles and puppetry and makeup, etc. If you havent seen this which if you're a horror buff of old and new I don't know how you haven't I highly recommend!

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Movies | Horror

This was an intense movie. Creepy and many jump scares. I highly recommend.

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Movies | Horror

This is the perfect 80s nostalgia movie. Action, suspense, and a bit of a tearjerker. The graphics are amazing. At the moment this is probably my husband's favorite movie.

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Ready Player One

Movies | Science Fiction

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