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This one is a must-see. Too funny!

Hunt for the Wilderpeople imageHunt for the Wilderpeople image

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Movies | Adventure

I almost didn’t make it past a cringe-y part in the beginning but I’m so glad I did. Watching this young woman find herself and her confidence, bend to fit in and reconcile the world around her with who she is was powerful. Recommend!

How to Build a Girl imageHow to Build a Girl image

How to Build a Girl

Movies | Comedy

I had planned to put this on as something fluffy to watch while folding laundry but I got really into it. I appreciated the intersectional perspective and was glad to see a male feminist character for once (who was a strong character too and not just superficial). If I had kids, I’d want them to watch this. But everyone could, tbh.

Moxie imageMoxie image


Movies | Comedy

This show is so special. Imagine Mad Men meets dawn of the Internet in Texas and the Valley. Overall, I love it. At one point around the late 2nd or early 3rd season, I did get a bit mad at the characters and dropped off for a while, but I recently picked it back up and am so glad I did. It’s such a gem.

Halt and Catch Fire imageHalt and Catch Fire image

Halt and Catch Fire

Shows | Drama

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