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Went to the store to buy a new book and a woman with her baby already there looking around suggested this one. Definitely not at all what I was expecting. I've never hated a book character so much and then left with a book hangover when it was over. Would 100% recommend if you like suspense, romantic men and hating fictional people as much as I do.

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Books | Colleen Hoover

I already love the opposites attract trope, but I never thought one of my fictional crushes would be a 🌽⭐ yet here I am swooning for Josh. 👀

The Roommate imageThe Roommate image

The Roommate

Books | Rosie Danan

Adorable book, love a good sunshine x grumpy rom-com. Surprised by ~those~ chapters, but still so lovely in the end 😏.

The Love Hypothesis imageThe Love Hypothesis image

The Love Hypothesis

Books | Ali Hazelwood

Believe it or not... I honestly didn't see that ending going the way it did 👀. Really made me rethink how I live my live and was honestly quite inspiring!

They Both Die at the End imageThey Both Die at the End image

They Both Die at the End

Books | Adam Silvera

Won't lie, I only got this book out of excitement of Harry Styles being in the movie adaptation. However, if I had read this book on my own apart from that reason it would still be just as great! Really captures the times and their veiws on women's roles and homosexuality through two very different people and their shared interest in Tom. All I can say is Harry better deviver! 😏

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My Policeman

Books | Bethan Roberts

I thought I wasn't into romance books, got this one when I was in Washington DC and thought I'd give one a try. I was surprised to find how much I cared about Alex and Henry and how much I wanted them together. ❤ Loved the book, a little cheesey at time but it just added to the comedy in it. Would read again, made me believe in love again tbh 🥰 lmao

Red, White & Royal Blue imageRed, White & Royal Blue image

Red, White & Royal Blue

Books | Casey McQuiston

This show was so unique and girl powered in a strange and interesting way. The artstyle is wacky and colorful. Personally, I liked how relatable I felt towards Bertie and her anxiety and wanting to accomplish so much but not knowing how to do it.

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Tuca & Bertie

Shows | Comedy

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