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What started out as a lighthearted, innocent sitcom, really turned into something incredible, with a dark twist. It really has you itching for more after each episode, and saying WHAAATTT DID I JUST WATCH?? Really, really, really good!!!!

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Shows | Action & Adventure

My favorite movie ever. This had everything you want from a marvel movie. Made me ugly cry, but still:)

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Avengers: Endgame

Movies | Adventure

Oh my gosh. This movie. Had me ugly crying the ENTIRE time. Instantly became one of my favorites. The message will make you think differently and you might take a look at things we take for granted every day. Overall I recommend this movie to everyone who’s looking for something to make them laugh, cry and feel:)

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Movies | Romance

When the book ended i felt that I lost a best friend. Stargirl hit different for sure, gives you this feeling that no other book has:)

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Books | Jerry Spinelli

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