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Christina Juarez



Watched the firat season. That one was good. Now It’s on to the second season.

The Sinner imageThe Sinner image

The Sinner

Shows | Drama

It’ the perfect show to binge watch!

American Crime Story imageAmerican Crime Story image

American Crime Story

Shows | Crime

Liked it, but got mad at how dumb they are at times.

Good Girls imageGood Girls image

Good Girls

Shows | Comedy

I enjoyed it, some things that creeped out my kids.

Coraline imageCoraline image


Movies | Animation

A movie you can watch more than once.

Signs imageSigns image


Movies | Drama

I dont really watch these type of movies. But, i did like the story.

Ghost Rider imageGhost Rider image

Ghost Rider

Movies | Thriller

I liked that even though there is one actor, through most of the movie, he was able to keep me interested.

I Am Legend imageI Am Legend image

I Am Legend

Movies | Drama

It just show what could happen. And shows how you shouldnt behave. Every action has a reaction.

13 Reasons Why image13 Reasons Why image

13 Reasons Why

Shows | Drama

It was something i was able to watch and enjoy with my youngest daughter.

The Baby-Sitters Club imageThe Baby-Sitters Club image

The Baby-Sitters Club

Shows | Kids

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