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Probably the best adaptation of video game story. While the pacing can be a bit slow at times, once a season reaches it's end, it's non-stop fan service and big pay offs. I will also say season 4 has to be the best of the series and really sends the show off on a high note.

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Shows | Animation

Damn near perfect ending to a great series. The villain of the movies is the best and really elevates the entire story.

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Movies | Science Fiction

Great acting, world building, dialogue, and episodes. A series I rewatch at least once a year, firefly is one of those rare shows where everything clicked. It's the only whedon IP I like next to it's sequel movie.

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Shows | Drama

World war z because it reads like a documentary.

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City of the Dead

Books | S. D. Perry

It starts slow but once it hits a certain point it's a great movie. This movie is very much about the visuals, music, and cinematography. Not for everyone but if you're a fan of horror and psychedelics, you really enjoy it. Also nic cage going full nic cage is great

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Movies | Action

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