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This has been my first book in the LitRPG genre and I was blown away by how quickly I was engrossed in the story. I thought the video game like element would be annoying but it's done in an unobtrusive way. The main character is funny and likable and meets a variety of interesting characters throughout the story. I was consistently drawn in by the easy-to-follow writing style and how the book could be funny at times and deathly serious others. Highly recommend giving this a shot. #litrpg#fantasy

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He Who Fights with Monsters

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The 3 episodes released so far are really good! I've been re-reading the series this year in anticipation of the show and am glad it has not disappointed! There are some definite changes in the show to speed things up and I think for the most part they have done a good job to stay true to the books EXCEPT for a gross injustice to Perrin's character. Despite that the way they show the magic/one power in the show is really cool and the location/filming is really beautiful so worth watching!

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The Wheel of Time

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