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Claire Dawn



I’m 14. Live in canada. Watched basically all the tv and movies in the world. And love being lazy and eating. 🍿❤️


This movie was the perfect lgbtq movie in the timothee chalamet history. Cause its the only one. But i personally liked and disliked it because i really had to focus on what they were saying because it was hard to understand, but i did admire their relationship. They were the perfect couple and the end really frusterated me!

Call Me by Your Name imageCall Me by Your Name image

Call Me by Your Name

Movies | Romance

I loved this movie because it gave me perspective on how someone with a physical disablity can feel or cope. I loved this movie and loved how emotional it made me feel.

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Movies | Drama

I kinda wanted there to be more episodes but i guess not. This show was canceled but i did like the episodes before that.

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Shows | Comedy

This has gotta be my favourite show ever! Its kinda like degrassi but more positive. I love hayley the most. She is so inspiring and has a lot of confidence. I love this show to the bottom of my heart.

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One Tree Hill

Shows | Drama

This movie was amazing because ive always wanted to expirence having powers or even being able to control others.

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The Darkest Minds

Movies | Science Fiction

I love the drama in this series and how the relationships are put together. I also love how that they show when life gets messed up or you have a missed step in the wrong direction, you can always find another path. Maybe for the better.

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Switched at Birth

Shows | Drama

This series is a rollercoaster and is also very dramatic. I personally love her athusiasm and how she is fighting towards a positive relationship and a positive envoirment.

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Shows | Comedy

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