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i love harry styles



ate this **** up. loved it. took me a while to finish it but when i finally did i felt so accomplished. i loved rory a majority of the show but sometimes i literally hoped they would off her for being so annoying. loralai is everything but she acts to much like a kid. girl your 40. act like it. i wanna be like rory tho and read a **** ton but its never gonna happen. luke is yummy. jess and logan are so attractive god damn.

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Gilmore Girls

Shows | Comedy

actually loved it. left me disgusted and i def lost my appetite but it was so fking good. they are both so hot and its so interesting. the only bad part is that it was short it shouldve been longer and i need some more backstory

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Movies | Horror

BEST BOOK EVER. incredibly depressing and i cried so much but so eye opening. this book is my favorite book ever. i love lilly and i think she deserves the absolute world for going through all she went through feeling alone a lot of the time. she is an incredible human being and the way colleen describes her is impecable. as the story continues colleen refrences back to lillys mother and it makes the novel ten times better. the authors note had me sobbing with snot running down my nose. so good.

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It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

LOVED THIS MOVIE she was such a girlboss and it had so many twists and turns it leaves u speechless. i reccomend this movie to anybody who loves mystery movies with a strong female lead. she was so genius it made my jaw drop at times. i will definitely be purchasing the book.

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Gone Girl

Movies | Mystery

insanely mixed reviews with this but for the most part i really enjoyed it there was parts where i had to stop watching because of how sad it was making me but when they show the triggers and warning please listen because this show is very difficult to watch if you dont

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13 Reasons Why

Shows | Drama

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