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It was nice I’m a weeb tho but relatable

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Turning Red

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OK so it starts off nice and wholesome you know they chill then they start to crush on each can other and (SPOILER). He confessed when she was sick so she pretend that she was a sleep AND IT JUST GETS SO CUTTTE some people don’t like that but uh I do (and btw idk how it ends because I’m a few episodes in so I don’t know a lot I just got really flustered at one part and had to make a lil review so y’a GO WATCH IT!!!

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I watched a few episodes it’s cute and mysterious

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I DIDNT KNKW THIS WAS AN ANIME I read vol 1 liked it and didn’t continue it sooooo I think maybe I’ll watch it

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Love Me, Love Me Not

Movies | Animation

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