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You have to read the original book first. It is a book that expands on the events in the last that gives back ownership of the OASIS to book fans rather than the movies that butchered the original

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Ready Player Two

Books | Ernest Cline

The comedy in this movie is so good! It puts a lighthearted twist on big problems we're having right now that pokes fun at both sides. Try not to be offended.

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Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Movies | Comedy

This movie was so emotional for me. It adds a lot of concept that if your not a fan of, then it might be difficult to understand, but its so good!

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Movies | Adventure

Its a good movie! If you're a fan of solid DC lore then it can be frustrating at times but looking past it, you have a solid movie with a killer villian!

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Wonder Woman 1984

Movies | Fantasy

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