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Constance Haywood



One of my all-time favorite movies with a superstar cast. Explores the life of the main character, but allows room for viewers to think critically around Black women’s relationships and overall being/experiences. Beautiful dialogues and scenes throughout. Extremely serious at times (trigger warning: rape, child sexual assault, physical and verbal abuse), but heart warming overall.

The Color Purple imageThe Color Purple image

The Color Purple

Movies | Drama

A classic documentary that explores NYC Black ballroom culture in the late 1900s. One of the inspirations for FX’s Pose series. Loved it.

Paris Is Burning imageParis Is Burning image

Paris Is Burning

Movies | Documentary

A really great film with a number of lovable characters. Explores some extremely heavy themes (trigger warning: queer antagonism, suicide), but provides good feels and comedic relief when needed. Would absolutely watch again.

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Uncle Frank

Movies | Drama

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