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New season is out guys haven’t seen the show in about 2 years so I’m giving the show a complete rewatch. Easily on my top 5 and may be my favorite comedy anime

Mob Psycho 100 imageMob Psycho 100 image

Mob Psycho 100

Shows | Action & Adventure

Took me forever to give cowboy a start, but good god this world needs more space cowboys

Cowboy Bebop imageCowboy Bebop image

Cowboy Bebop

Shows | Action & Adventure

Was looking for something different and stumbled upon this. One of the creepiest shows I’ve seen in a while. None of the episodes have anything to do with each other so you’re perfectly welcome to skip a couple unliked stories!! Big recommend right here!!

Junji Ito Collection imageJunji Ito Collection image

Junji Ito Collection

Shows | Animation

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