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This is a great binge watch. The characters are lovable, despicable, annoying, charming. They really run the gamut. We can't wait for the next season and are sad to see this one go.

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Shows | Drama

My wife and I LOVE this show. They do a great job of making it funny while also discussing alot of important social issues. The acting and characters are also very well done. They're all lovable... except maybe Diane. And she's evil 😳

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Shows | Comedy

I think it is a well made documentary. It is hard to watch. I had followed the story in the news and was curious how they would paint a man who murdered his wife and kids. They do paint the wife as though she is overbearing. At the end you come away baffled at his behavior. I honestly think they are a little overly sympathetic to the husband. He clearly felt stuck but the way her goes through the motions of murdering his family and then just moving on as if he can just start a new life.

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American Murder: The Family Next Door

Movies | Documentary

Again another masterpiece reflecting on adolescence but with strong social themes. Before Portrait I would say this was probably one of my favorite Sciamma films. Similar to Ma Vie En Rose for those of you who have seen it.

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Movies | Drama

Celine Sciamma's first film really captures the nuances of adolescence. Though provoking. And a slow burn.

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Water Lilies

Movies | Drama

Love it. Very slapstick- ish, French humor. Adele Haenel brings as much intensity to comedy as she does to the drama. Worth a watch.

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The Trouble with You

Movies | Comedy

This is legitimately one of the best films I've seen in my life. I've watched it at least 4 times and I always enjoy catching something I missed previously. Definitely worth a watch. Celine Sciamma is a masterful creator. Every detail from the crackling sounds of the fire to the footsteps are thoughtful. And the acting is brilliant.

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Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Movies | Drama

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