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Sometimes I like to take this seriously and sometimes I don’t.


My childhood!!! I wanted to be like Annie so bad yet not at all that it used to conflict me. I would pick and choose, I don’t want to be an orphan yet I wanted to be adopted by rich people (even though I have parents already) and live in that mansion. The remake was done splendidly and it’s a great watch. In my opinion the original is as well, but this was one of the best modern takes I’ve seen on a movie. Im a bit biased though 😅.

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If you dropped this one because Yamato and Mei’s first meeting was because he was trying to look up her panties, cmon man. This is one of the most realistic high school animes I’ve ever seen ESPECIALLY for that time. Most high schoolers are far from saints. The love story is handled well albeit not without a few cliches like love rivals etc here and there but it’s a drama. I love this one so much that a while back i rewatched it and finished the manga and yes, I am satisfied.

Say "I Love You." imageSay "I Love You." image

Say "I Love You."

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If you were waiting for the hype to die down on this one now is your time to watch it. I watched it before all the hype and since then an additional 6 times because it’s just that good, even billlboard knows. Everything from the music to the animation to the acting is filled with passion. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy Encanto because everyone did. The only weird thing is the Bruno tower scene’s pacing but it’s not that bad. It’s a movie filled with a lot of heart for it’s culture so try it!

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It was good. I loved the representation of Asians as someone who isn’t Asian and the representation of the lower class because it’s important as well. Pacing was a little weird at the end because it felt rushed and I hate when movies end on proposals but it’s fine. Solid 7/10

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Crazy Rich Asians

Movies | Comedy

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