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Not gonna lie to y'all, started a little triggering for me in the beginning but it got so much better and I regret nothing in watching it. I absolutely love it, I cried like a baby (a lot..), the aesthetic, the way you can see what different characters feels like to one of the main, everything in it is just perfect! most probably will re watch it <3

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A Silent Voice

Movies | Animation

Started watching out of boredom, stayed because of the plot and ended up obsessed! I've heard about this anime for a long time but never came really to watch it and now that i did im absolutely in love and glad I did. WAYYYYYY better than I thought and I met one of my favorite characters of all animes I've watched, literally on my top 5 <3

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Yuri!!! on Ice

Shows | Animation

I started by watching this show after I watched Bly Manor because there were some people saying that Bly Manor wasn't as good as Hill House and I wanted to see what they were on and honestly they are both pretty good. They are two different types of horror (being this one a more scary and I'd say strong horror that makes you feel the fear in your heart and the other is more of a mental fear, curiosity, intriguing and you have to be really focused in it to understand the story). Hill House is more about a family and the haunting on them while Bly Manor is more of a romantic side and the haunting connected to love. They have some more differences but overall they are both pretty pretty good. I prefer Bly Manor because it played more with my feelings but NO DOUBT Hill House is wayyyy scarier, it made me have some nightmares and made it hard to even fall asleep. Totally worth the watch <3

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The Haunting of Hill House

Shows | Drama

I'm literally speechless... The time line might be confusing for some but if you pay enough attention it's not that confusing... It's just... Perfectly splendid...

The Haunting of Bly Manor imageThe Haunting of Bly Manor image

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Shows | Mystery

THIS IS SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!! i haven't felt like this ever since I watched teen beach movie for the first time! I started it around midnight last night and totally binged it, it's just so good I got ADDICTED!!!! and the songs are FIREEEE, I had to search for the album on spotify even before I finished it just because I needed to vibe to every single one of them after it OH MY GOD this is amazing!!!! AND IT GIVES CLUES FOR A SECOND SEASON PLEASE IM BEGGING 😭😭😭😭 also eheh alex and willie <3

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Julie and the Phantoms


Loved every minute of it, 10/10 would watch again

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Movies | Action

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