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This was a pretty good collection of poems. I felt I got to see a bit more of Illinois life and people in this book, although not as much of the Chicago aspect. There were some really powerful writers in this collection!

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Illinois Voices

Books | Kevin Stein

This was a pretty good read. Although many AS people have different experiences and perspectives on how they would like coworkers and colleagues to act, I think this was a good read for me to see how I could improve my interactions to tap into their strengths while also being aware of where I can improve personally at work. All about understanding and not imposing my own perspective. I liked the flow and voice in this book as well.

Asperger's on the Job imageAsperger's on the Job image

Asperger's on the Job

Books | Rudy Simone

This was a really engaging book filled with characters you could connect with and be happy for their growth. I really liked the way this story progressed and unfolded.

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If I Had Your Face

Books | Frances Cha

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