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I like this author. He is never predictable. He has extensively researched Native American tribal life and then writes fiction about how white settlers might interact with them. Always heartfelt, always makes you ponder, and always entertaining. This book was a great read for me, as I like Westerns and Native American subjects. It is also funny and quirky with characters who don’t fit into boxes.

The Wild Girl imageThe Wild Girl image

The Wild Girl

Books | Jim Fergus

Intensely honest about what child soldiers live. Incredible writer, strong man. Difficult to put down.

A Long Way Gone imageA Long Way Gone image

A Long Way Gone

Books | Ishmael Beah

Súper funny, and relatable for moms. Appealing to women.

Workin' Moms imageWorkin' Moms image

Workin' Moms

Shows | Comedy

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