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dharma :3



she/it :) i like horror movies and spicy books <3


This movie was beautifully fantastic. Not only did it make me uncomfortable and anxious, but it made me think. This movie is set apart from most others due to what it stands for—this movie is a great, unmatchable metaphor for mother nature. Another favorite of mine.

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Movies | Drama

Fantastic gore, I actually wanted to vomit when I watched this! There was a particular scene that made me itchy, but I was so afraid to itch! It’s a funny movie, kept me laughing😂 Great movie, would recommend for any body horror fans!

Cabin Fever imageCabin Fever image

Cabin Fever

Movies | Horror

I’m a big fan of the French Extremist genre, but this movie really sets the standards for the genre! With a captivating story full of twists, and a satisfying amount of bloody, uncomfortable moments—this movie is perfect for any fans of gruesome, french extremism, body horror movies! Definitely a favorite.

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Movies | Horror

As awful as it sounds, I loved the gory details and gruesome scenes in this movie! It had a small sense of realism, which I thoroughly enjoyed—but the scenes of body horror and gore really scratched the itch in my brain! Great storyline, too! Definitely one of my favorites.

The Green Inferno imageThe Green Inferno image

The Green Inferno

Movies | Action

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