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I had no idea...sheesh! Very informing but disturbing. Good film, but be prepared to be utterly appalled!

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich imageJeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich image

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich


So sad. This docu-film was gripping and gut-wrenching! The story was told very beautifully and respectfully though. The film itself is an absolute work of art. It is so incredibly detailed. I am often left so disappointed by documentaries because they will follow one line of info, like from point a to point b...and we miss out on yhe real story, the flesh, the details...A Life! But, it's not that way with THIS one. They made sure to really do their homework and document it ALL! Impressive, how well rounded the info is, the width and breadth of the interview pool...even the way they ended the film, giving a SENSE of closure (so hard to accomplish in these cases) and bringing loose ends together. This film deserves an award, no lie! This young girl deserved her moment in the sun. All victims Do! And making films like this continue to raise awareness, so there's THAT, as well. I also gained such a sense of HOPE from this film! No matter the pitiful state of her life, "Sharon/Tonya" remained a KIND soul, a ray of sunshine in a dark world! And certain people, law enforcement officers and such, NEVER gave up looking for man even wrote a book hoping it would disclose her location! She was never forgotten. That gives me hope for the human race. 🙏🏻

Girl in the Picture imageGirl in the Picture image

Girl in the Picture

Movies | Documentary

Drew is ALWAYS Gold...and this is proof! An interesting look at fame...what it is, who it REALLY belongs to...??? I like the plot twists. I mean, that's my happy "thang". A film with any twisty bit. Lol. And speaking of twisty bits, check out the SCHNOZ on Stand-In-Zilla, amiright?!? Lmmfvo! Worth a watch if you are looking to laugh, and possibly ponder such things as second chances, identity, growth, the weight that society puts on certain individuals to be entertaining or "eff off", and also: falling off the beaten path!!! All in that charismatic Drew style!

The Stand In imageThe Stand In image

The Stand In

Movies | Comedy

Can I just say...this is my idea of the ultimate LOVE story?! Le sigh! No? I went too far? Oh, ok, ummm...let's see...well, it's slow to start. But worth the unbearable, awkward, and kinda boring beginning where the main guy is acting out his fantasy BY HISSELF! LMMFVO! But, once things get going, they keep moving along nicely! Like surprises? Well, this movie right after another! Very sexy. Very different. BDSM, pain, role-playing,what's your poison? Because there's actually poison too! Lmvo! Yeahhhh, it's a fun little romp of a film. Check it out...just make sure the kiddies are in bed! ;)

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Movies | Thriller

Wow! Such a powerful performance by Maggie! She really put herself out there for this role. I love how fearless she is in her storytelling ability. This film started out heartwarming and inspiring and could feel the rampant disappointment that pervaded the teacher's life. Then, things devolve into something that flirts with "things we'd rather not talk about"... And I think THAT is the point. To get people talking. Maggie loves to stir the pot. The film will make you feel, and ask questions, and THINK! It's an amazing film, well executed, well acted...left me uncomfortable, as it should. A good watch!

The Kindergarten Teacher imageThe Kindergarten Teacher image

The Kindergarten Teacher

Movies | Drama

Shocking! And the fact that it's all completely TRUE?! Just blows my mind. I'm honestly considering doing a "23andMe" test after watching this! No joke! Because, who knows? Who knows what evil lurks where? Sheesh!

Our Father imageOur Father image

Our Father

Movies | Documentary

I cried SO MUCH! This is a touching look into Tammy Faye's private life. People are so quick to judge her...which is really sad and quite IRONIC when you find out that her ENTIRE life was spent on 2 things: 1)gaining acceptance from God and others 2)spreading acceptance and love to LITERALLY anyone and everyone through her love of God! This is a great film!

The Eyes of Tammy Faye imageThe Eyes of Tammy Faye image

The Eyes of Tammy Faye


Yeah, it's a super corny "Lifetime" style movie if there ever was one...but this is one that had me sorta rooting for the "manifest THIS!" Romantic-at-heart "bad girl" of the movie. Lololol! Just kidding...but seriously though, that woman was popping up everywhere like she was Jason or Michael Meyers! It's about drive, it's about power. We stay hungry, we devour...🤣🤣🤣 (so sorry).

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The Perfect Nanny

Movies | TV Movie

Its actually kinda sad, tho. For all its cheesiness and the unbelievable mess of a plot line (or 3? Idk...😨🤷🏼‍♀️)I still got caught up in my feelings for these characters! 😔😥

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Who Ya Wit

Movies | Drama

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