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Actually, it's Lady Donovon, as I'm titled Her Ladyship. But I try not to be a snob about it... unless ordering reservations Jk. Film wise I am eclectic but I like to think.I love silents to now. <3 Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, Theda, Garbo, Valentino, Busby B. both Hepburn's, Bette Davis, Marilyn!!, James Dean, Marlon up to Gary Oldman and Winslet. Bladerunner, Sid & Nancy, Harold n Maude, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Gilliam, Burton, S.Coppola, Cukor, Capra, Quentin, Aronofski, Dislike-fluff, romcom


You've never read if you haven't read about this, 1984, and Wuthering Heights. Between just those 3 books , aliens could understand the best, beautiful, and most amazing things in us, love, the worst, ugliest thoughts and fears we've had, madness, power, humility, jealousy, and all human emotions in between. Us at our most honest... and our deadliest lies. I've had to answer what 5 books would you give a new Intellectual species. but if only 3. those would do. If just 1, THIS HAS IT ALL.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

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Embarrassingly..... i liked aspects... but im a sucker lol for startcrossed lovers. Hangs head in humiliated shame.

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