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It was ok to me !!! It was hard to focus but overall like it !!

Wild Is the Witch imageWild Is the Witch image

Wild Is the Witch

Books | Rachel Griffin

This book is to cute coming… I like it is very fast and the dog lol is too cute #family #dogspurpose

Even the Dog Knows imageEven the Dog Knows image

Even the Dog Knows

Books | Jason F. Wright

I finished all 3 and lord super spicy super hot love it love it … the movie not so much but the books are 👍🏻🤭#spicyromance #sexuality #couples_and_family

Fifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set imageFifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set image

Fifty Shades Trilogy Boxed Set

Books | E. L. James

Love the movie love the book I just love the series #family_life #love_and_romance #fiction #romance #loveforever#

Me Before You (Movie Tie-In) imageMe Before You (Movie Tie-In) image

Me Before You (Movie Tie-In)

Books | Jojo Moyes

Second book made me cried Louisa loved him so much she love him with everything and after he passed away she was broken in pieces #brokensilence #broken #love

After You imageAfter You image

After You

Books | Jojo Moyes

Man I couldn’t she went through so much ! Still love these book

Still Me imageStill Me image

Still Me

Books | Jojo Moyes

Omg this book brought my memories when I was little , this book is amazing this was my first book ever #adolescence #boys_and_men #friendship #bullying #dad #grandmother

Promise imagePromise image


Books | Judy Young

This book is totally different from the tv show but still give you a lot of information it is totally different #fiction #romance #drama #comedy #dragons #people_and_places

Fire and Blood imageFire and Blood image

Fire and Blood


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