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One of the #greatest classic #courtroom drama of all time. For a single location movie, there is no one dull moment whatsoever. The plot is flawlessly tight, crisply detailed, perfectly paced and neatly performed, keeping one gripped all through its 95 minutes with solid twists n turns. Sidney Lumet makes a fantastic debut with a #masterpiece. #Must Watch.

12 Angry Men image12 Angry Men image

12 Angry Men

Movies | Drama

Brutal, relentless and very funny. James Wan is churning out quite a legacy of genre gems and I'm happy to see him return to his R-rated roots. Visual and narrative homages to DePalma and Raimi respectively. It's also a striking tribute to the wildest gialli mindfucks from the bygone days of bootleg VHS. Adjust your tracking and prepare to have your heads cleaned, bashed, and spun.

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Movies | Horror

Open world isolation horror. While I love the winter snowy horror vibe, this one was a little too anticlimactic. If you enjoy watching things unravel slowly, you’ll probably get something out of this. If you’re looking for a satisfying, fully fleshed out story with a fulfilling ending it’s probably better to look elsewhere.

Arctic Void imageArctic Void image

Arctic Void

Movies | Science Fiction

I know I’m ranking this way higher than the consensus but I enjoyed the hell out of this. Are the twists corny? Sure. But I still had a fun time with them. Does this look a little too green screen-like at times? Yeah but this is not a big budget movie. I actually thought the two lead performances were pretty solid. 

Fall imageFall image


Movies | Thriller

Brutal! I love this one, I think this remake is extremely underrated. The idea is simple but done so well. This is good for fans of the movie “Joy Ride.” Highly recommended.

The Hitcher imageThe Hitcher image

The Hitcher

Movies | Action

It’s fine up to a twist that flips the entire thing on its head in a great way. Surpasses the original in every way by leaning into the insanity of the premise which made this one of the most fun movie watching experiences I’ve had with a 2022 release this year

Orphan: First Kill imageOrphan: First Kill image

Orphan: First Kill

Movies | Drama

Bousman’s grainy sylistic filth jam really gets the ball rolling for the series—injecting it with even more frantic mayhem and setting the template for his next few franchise offerings which also happen to be my favorite meat in the Saw sandwich. One time back in the day my mother walked in on my watching this during the hypodermic needle pit scene and that’s what she thinks every horror movie is like now lol.

Saw II imageSaw II image

Saw II

Movies | Horror

Not to call the kid dumb, but if a creepy looking man stumbles out of a black van and asks you if you want to see a magic trick, why the **** would you say yes?

The Black Phone imageThe Black Phone image

The Black Phone

Movies | Horror

I don't think too many people liked the first Wolf Creek, but I enjoyed it. Mainly because I love a good villain, and Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) is a damn good villain. He's the best thing about Wolf Creek 2 as well, but after a promising start the story peters out and becomes all too familiar and predictable. The Ron Says: If you liked the first film, odds are you've already checked this sequel out or will eventually like I did. For everyone else I'd say skip it.

Wolf Creek 2 imageWolf Creek 2 image

Wolf Creek 2

Movies | Horror

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