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It’s October so calling all horror fans 🗣️🗣️! This…THIS IS IT!! I just seen it as of October 2nd (my birthday) so I’m a bit late but man lemme tell you: best horror movie of the year! It starts as a simple plot involving a double booking in an Airbnb that quickly develops into something insane. It’s got a great cast, with highlight performances from Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long, great tension, and some genuine comedy. GO SEE IT PRONTO!!

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Just jumping on this because I had a lot going on but MANNNN! This is a phenomenal show, especially for someone who hasn’t read/doesn’t know the source material at all. I take it one episode a day since I work Monday-Friday and it’s a great show to watch (and pay attention to) before bed. It can be funny, thought-provoking, sad…it’s great!

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The Sandman

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