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I liked it, but didn’t love it. I’m definitely not going out of my way to see the other films in this franchise, because, to me, if you see one, you’ve seen them all. However, this film kept me interested throughout. Has some tense moments. The acting is far from perfect. And the camera work, especially in the beginning, can be a little annoying with the quick pans and such. Overall, a good movie that every horror fan should watch at least once.

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Movies | Horror

Great little movie. Saw it in theaters, had a little bit of a hard time adjusting to their accent. But other than that, good story, great acting, and really good editing during the horse races. I do wish though it showed more of Toni Colette and the horse more. Overall, a great little indie movie about community and dreams.

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Dream Horse

Movies | Drama

The writing is very flawed. All the characters make dumb decisions. And some things seem to be a bit over the top. But the characters, gore, and action keep you in. Overall, a great movie to watch with a friend, or friends, but not alone. Because you’ll need someone to poke holes and crack jokes while watching. #armyofthedead

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Army of the Dead

Movies | Action

Great writing. It’s a great detective mystery show. Gooey bits of drama while having some bits of humor sprinkled out so it’s not all depressing. The acting is top notch from the amazing Kate Winslet. A great show to binge. It’ll keep you guessing until the last minute. Overall, the best limited series of 2021 and of the early HBO MAX era. #mareofeasttown

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Mare of Easttown

Shows | Drama

This is a great way to break into the world of not only Spider-Man but comics as a whole. Great storytelling and it keeps you intrigued. Overall, I recommend picking up book 1, rather than this so you can read more of this series. #spiderman

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Ultimate Spider-Man Vol.1

Books | Bill Jemas

A really short but sweet epic from Frank Miller. Around 80 pages with awesome art work. I love that the story doesn’t resort to Greek Mythology and sticks with human characters. The film is great too but I wouldn’t watch that and read this back to back because Zack Snyder literally pulled the panels and put it onto the screen. There’s not much that’s too different. Overall, a great story to read and appreciate. #300

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Frank Miller 300

Books | Frank Miller

At first, the green screen is very noticeable and overwhelming that it sucks you out of the film a little bit. But once the story starts it demands your attention. The story is so great. The stuff that happens outside of the battle is a bit boring, but it was there to make the film longer so whatever. But the fighting is great. Snyder likes to recreate the panels of the comics and I know some people don’t like that but I love it. Overall, a really solid film from Snyder. I highly recommend it.

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Movies | Action

Great film. The third act is very intense. Highly recommend if you like science fiction films. #science_fiction #scifi

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Movies | Science Fiction

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