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Love movies and tv I do a little YouTube on Eastside Reviews. IG and Twitter: @Jamel727


Fun kids show where the safety patrol were kind of like detectives in their school. Orlando Brown was a lowkey Disney All Star in the 2000s with this, Proud Family, and That's So Raven.

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Shows | Animation

Show is really funny and a nice peak into a culture I don't know. Drama in the show is good too. Greasy Fry Bread goes hard!!!#drama #hulu #ResDogs

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Reservation Dogs

Shows | Drama

Surprised this ain't on Hulu. Really good, modern family sitcom. Great chemistry with the cast.

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My Wife and Kids

Shows | Comedy

Great continuation of Batman: The Animated Series. Some character redesigns didn't work like Joker's, but Scarecrow's was amazing and the story telling didn't slow down.

The New Batman Adventures imageThe New Batman Adventures image

The New Batman Adventures

Shows | Animation

Without a doubt, the BEST Batman movie and easily a top 5 Superhero Movie, and it ain't 5. Great animation, a well written and performed story, fantastic tension and suspense, everything you'd want in a Batman story. Plus, the best Mark Hammill performance as The Joker!

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm imageBatman: Mask of the Phantasm image

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Movies | Action

Super fun anime. Great characters and action. For my money, the UA Sports Festive and Hero Killer Stain Arcs have been the best in the show so far. Best Boy is Deku, Best Girl is Froppy.

My Hero Academia imageMy Hero Academia image

My Hero Academia

Shows | Action & Adventure

For sure a classic show! We got to see Jamie flex both his comedic and singing chops in this, the Jingle Battle is an all time scene!

The Jamie Foxx Show imageThe Jamie Foxx Show image

The Jamie Foxx Show

Shows | Comedy

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