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I have just watched it once and already think is one of the best Batman movies, still have to watch it again to say if I prefer it more than Dark Knight. Much more darker than the other movies and it's the first movie that portrays Gotham as a scum city where you feel insecure an vulnerable at all times, not only when villains appear. I loved how they pushed the rating limit almost trespassing the boundaries from Pg-13 to R, also, it respects comic fans but still works for everyone else🦇🐈🐧

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The Batman

Movies | Action

One of the best books I have ever read by one of the most influential spanish written books of all time. Colombian Gabriel García Márquez is a master of redaction and perfectly jumps between time telling the story of the generations of th cursed Buendia family.

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100 Years of Solitude

Books | Carl Senna

You know it's a classic, also, according to BBC it stated as one of the 100 books you must read before you pass. And hell there's a reason why: with this book you'll submerge yourself into the lives of the whale hunters and the pursuit of the bloddy white whale. Fear, anger, euphoria all those emotions are perfectly portrayed just as Mastodon does to praise this book in their album "Leviathan".

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Moby Dick

Books | Herman Melville

F**k politics and politicians! I always say: you don't owe your country anything, they don't have rights over you. It doesn't matter where you are from. You will always be a number for any system. Animal farm describes the manipulation of every system in existence, it doesn't matter how perfect it seems to be.

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Animal Farm

Books | George Orwell

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