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ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Not gunna lie it was predictable and at some points cringy but in the best way it just felt like a soft hardcore rom com and was a fast read I finished in the book in two days and was squealing the whole time. Definitely recommend if your in search of a fun love story between a grumpy moody dude who’s only soft spot is a ball of sunshine girl. I do wish we got the male leads pov tho and had an insight to his thoughts which was really a bummer n some character growth on her behalf but oh well. Also shoutout to women in STEM oml . I give it a solid 8.5/10 💛✨

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The Love Hypothesis

Books | Ali Hazelwood

Okay this book was definitely one of my favorites just because of the beauty of their relationship and then the ending def had my jaw open and in tears trust me you won’t see it coming def recommend if you want a cute love friendship story with a twist n some tears✨

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Blink Once

Books | Cylin Busby

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