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Romance books have my ❤️ Colleen Hoover >

Ive read this twice! Its a sad but beautiful book. Definitely better than the movie

All the Bright Places imageAll the Bright Places image

All the Bright Places

Books | Jennifer Niven

I liked this book! It was cute. Movie was also good :)

Dear John imageDear John image

Dear John

Books | Nicholas Sparks

I’ve read this twice and it got better the second time. It’s a book that you can’t put down!

The Honest Truth imageThe Honest Truth image

The Honest Truth

Books | Dan Gemeinhart

I had to read this book for a school project. I wasn’t very excited considering Im a romance book person. But in the end I enjoyed it!

Okay for Now imageOkay for Now image

Okay for Now

Books | Gary D. Schmidt

Loved !! My teacher recommended this to me and it was so good!

Holding Up the Universe imageHolding Up the Universe image

Holding Up the Universe

Books | Jennifer Niven

Such a good story, I’ve read this book many times and would definitely keep reading it.

Heaven is for Real imageHeaven is for Real image

Heaven is for Real

Books | Todd Burpo

This book was sad. A little overwhelming in a good way. Crazy. And Exiting. Could not put it down.

November 9 imageNovember 9 image

November 9

Books | Colleen Hoover

Another colleen hoover ! Ugly love is an ugly book. Its the type of book were you say you hate it one minute and love it the next. Personally I love those. Recommend !

Ugly Love imageUgly Love image

Ugly Love

Books | Colleen Hoover

Love and hate. Did I expect the ending? No. Am I overly mad at it? Also no. I think the author did amazing. Recommend ! 

Every Last Word imageEvery Last Word image

Every Last Word

Books | Tamara Ireland Stone

Im a huge colleen hoover fan and I love this book as I love them all. This book is probably my least favorite of colleen hoover but I still LOVE it! Would read again.

Regretting You imageRegretting You image

Regretting You

Books | Colleen Hoover

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