That description doesn’t truly describe the book all that well. The book is interesting because though the characters are fictional, much of it is set in Toronto or parts of Ontario, Canada- which makes it intriguing geographically. Also, the book really paints a picture of what life there may have been like historically in that time 1920’s/1930’s period. There is much focus on the construction within the city, and the dangers for the hard-working poor. Be sure to note characters as you read!

In the Skin of a Lion imageIn the Skin of a Lion image

In the Skin of a Lion

Books | Michael Ondaatje

This is a MUST for everyone! We need to be made aware of why there is so much division amongst our nation, and this accounts for a great portion of why. Highly recommend watching this to all the way through. There is a message here for all of us to open our eyes to more than just one point of view that keeps coming onscreen. We are being brainwashed without knowing it.

The Social Dilemma imageThe Social Dilemma image

The Social Dilemma

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