I liked the characters but the plot was extremely slow for me. Once the plot would begin to advance it would cut off to another pov and have 4 chapters of random in depth back story before getting back to the main plot. All the other grishaverse books took me less than a week this one took me a month. Reading it became a chore.

Crooked Kingdom imageCrooked Kingdom image

Crooked Kingdom

Books | Leigh Bardugo

Only problem was the ending. I felt like my questions weren't completely answered and cut off before closure.

Wilder Girls imageWilder Girls image

Wilder Girls

Books | Rory Power

A mix of gossip girl, pretty little liars and life is strange ( without the time travel)

They Wish They Were Us imageThey Wish They Were Us image

They Wish They Were Us

Books | Jessica Goodman

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