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Adoring, peculiar purveyor of all things written, chocolate and coffee ☕️ Subjects wanted: Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, Sci-fi, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal Romance. I need suggestions like I need air 📖


I 👍 this series, but honestly, I wish there was a neutral button. The time-traveling/angel, demon, forbidden romance aspects of the novels were what kept me going, but there are many cons as well: the prose is juvenile, Luce and Daniel’s characters lack both depth and complexity. No world-building, since it’s based on religious origins (Adam/Eve/Heaven/Hell), but the imagery is poor and the books seem to go downhill. I finished the series with my emotions intact, which is not a good thing.

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When you deliberately wander through pages and read nigh half your usual pace because you just can't bear for it to be over. Margaret Owen, you've jostled my heart and ensnared my mind with The Merciful Crow. 1. Keep the oath. 2. Burn the teeth. 3. Save the Prince. 4. Give them fire. #fantasy #adventure #heroine #magic

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The Merciful Crow

Books | Margaret Owen

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