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Ethan Dull



Book 1 was better, but this was still a decent read

The Atlas Paradox imageThe Atlas Paradox image

The Atlas Paradox

Books | Olivie Blake

The vocabulary is immaculate. The beauty lies in character interaction… not the book for you if looking for something fast paced.

The Atlas Six: The Atlas Book 1 imageThe Atlas Six: The Atlas Book 1 image

The Atlas Six: The Atlas Book 1

Books | Olivie Blake

Immaculate imagery and fantastic use of virtual worlds. Definitely gives me ready player one vibes and Alita Battle Angel (if you are into that type of stuff)

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Books | Marie Lu

Great read! I got a bit lost towards the end, but don’t worry… everything comes full circle.

Poster Girl imagePoster Girl image

Poster Girl

Books | Veronica Roth

This is an absolute must read. The character transformation on Pete and his internal moral tensions result in truly exploring the capacity of mankind (good and bad). It does bring about much social commentary, particularly on the concept of truth and deceit and how truth is the only path to a better future 10/10

The Truth Machine imageThe Truth Machine image

The Truth Machine

Books | James L. Halperin

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