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Eve Green



Reads a little like Caraval, murder mystery vibes.

House of Salt and Sorrows imageHouse of Salt and Sorrows image

House of Salt and Sorrows

Books | Erin A. Craig

Slow at first, and a bit cliched. But I do like a bit of magic and the overthrow of a terrible ruler.

Bloodleaf imageBloodleaf image


Books | Crystal Smith

Written in a third party with first person feels, but I kind of liked it. The lost love, romantic and sibling betrayal.. that is positively DEADLY. Wow. I was not ready for Katherine to really experience heart break that way. I mean.. that's a deep hole I don't think she'll get out of. I cannot wait for the power struggle to ensue in book two. #islandpower #queens #poison #naturalists #elementals #religiousdeviants #betrayaloftheheart #magic #whowillsurvive

Three Dark Crowns imageThree Dark Crowns image

Three Dark Crowns

Books | Kendare Blake

What... the.. heck.. has taken over the poisoner queens body? This is about to be one epic battle, I just hope the island doesn't win against the sisters love for each other. #epic #darkpower #theislandisalive #anditshungry

One Dark Throne imageOne Dark Throne image

One Dark Throne

Books | Kendare Blake

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