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teen lesbian who adores anime and weird shows


TW: dead pet body in this movie - erm yea this one is wild and super depressing, it’s tightly written and kinda long but sososo creepy

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Movies | Horror

kind of a slay actually like it’s this tightly wrapped up paranormal investigation story with fun characters good cgi and plot twists it’s great

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Movies | Mystery

it’s pretty good!! definetly a slow burn with the slow realization and big hits of oh **** until the big reveal. between these parts it’s kinda boring but I like some of the characters and their interactions are genuine (its in eng sub only btw with the og language french)

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Movies | Drama

um hello?? this is so hecking good??? it’s a lot like adventure time with the mystical yet down to earth vibes, and it might be equal or better quality wise. the animation is so stylized and pretty too!!! not to mention characters- cas my beloved ❤️❤️❤️

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Bee and PuppyCat

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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