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I enjoyed this book, but it comes no where close to Caraval, which some find it is very similar to. Some chapters were, obviously, beautiful, but others felt a bit weak. I wasn't as immersed as I usually like to be in this type of fantasy, but it was still an entertaining read!

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Hotel Magnifique

Books | Emily J. Taylor

I loved this book. The world building is amazing and unique, and I think about it even months after reading about it. Very exited to read Court of Lions.

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Books | Somaiya Daud

Easily one of my all time favorites. I will never stop recommending anything Stephanie Garber.

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The Ballad of Never After

Books | Stephanie Garber

Quick read, but personally I found it less interesting than some of Karen M McManus's other books.

You'll Be the Death of Me imageYou'll Be the Death of Me image

You'll Be the Death of Me

Books | Karen M. McManus

One of my favourite fantasies of all time, once again, if Stephanie Garber writes it, I'll read it

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Once Upon A Broken Heart

Books | Stephanie Garber

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