Frances DeMartino



On my favorites forever list. John Goodman gives one of his best performances

Trumbo imageTrumbo image


Movies | Drama

Even if you’re not half-Italian half-Irish like me you’ll think you are when it’s over. Doesn’t seem ss long as it is.

The Irishman imageThe Irishman image

The Irishman

Movies | Crime

Di Caprio is brilliant. Christopher Walken smooth. And it really happened

Catch Me If You Can imageCatch Me If You Can image

Catch Me If You Can

Movies | Drama

This movie showed me (awed me) just HOW BIG (and addictive) social media is...

The Social Network imageThe Social Network image

The Social Network

Movies | Drama

It’s worth it just to hear the song “I Dreamed a Dream”

Les Misérables imageLes Misérables image

Les Misérables

Movies | History

The performamce of Sandler’s career!

Uncut Gems imageUncut Gems image

Uncut Gems

Movies | Drama

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