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I appreciate all aspects of film. I gravitate towards story, music and cinematography.


It’s a Sandler movie, low expectations and you’ll enjoy it lol #Devlin 6/10

Just Go with It imageJust Go with It image

Just Go with It

Movies | Comedy

Had this one on the waiting list for a while but finally got around to it. Surprised how much I enjoyed it. A lot of actors and actresses from their younger days. Tarantino’s influence is there in the story. 8/10 #Elvis

True Romance imageTrue Romance image

True Romance

Movies | Action

Saw the cast for this movie and had to give it a watch. Regardless of the real life issues with some of the actors, it was a nice ensemble. A bit of a slow burner but ties up nicely at the end. Pacino’s presence towers the rest. 6/10 #YellingAndCursing

Glengarry Glen Ross imageGlengarry Glen Ross image

Glengarry Glen Ross

Movies | Crime

This one is a guilty pleasure. Brainless action and special effects. Nice to see both Marvel characters have a go at each other. 6/10 #OddCouple

Venom: Let There Be Carnage imageVenom: Let There Be Carnage image

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Movies | Action

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