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If you like heart breaking tears if joy and any other type of emotion then this is for you

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All the Bright Places

Movies | Drama

This musical is the talk of the talk now and days like if you really really really wanna good binge watchin musical that Hamilton is the musical to watch honey it has great actors and singing is amazing and the musical is funny heart breaking and scary all in one and it is historical for special events and also if you like history then this musical is for you.

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Movies | Music

I mean it is nothing like the original cartoon but the quality is still great like the independnce of mulan and how sue save tue empire it is just amazing and it shows somr great women impowerment.

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Movies | Adventure

Forest Gump is a very good movie it reminds of when i was little and how much **** i would get into lol but this movie is a laugh out loud moment and a tear jerker. So i hooe that you all watch it and i am still young but this movie makes me laugh on a rainy day and or sunny day so please enjoy this recomendation

Forrest Gump imageForrest Gump image

Forrest Gump

Movies | Comedy

In west Philidelphia born and raised is where i spend most of my days. Yes we all loved that show and many if us including myself still watches it on occasions this show is a very very veey good show and i hope that you all come to terms and watch it some day

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Shows | Comedy

It has a lot of great qualities and the music and back story of this film is amazing

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Movies | Music

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