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You know, I liked the first movie much better than this one because of the turns and twists in it, and what really bothered me was that Diana and Steve never got their happy ending. Really good movie aside from that. :)

Wonder Woman 1984 imageWonder Woman 1984 image

Wonder Woman 1984

Movies | Fantasy

I've watched this show probably a gazillion times and never get bored of it. It's super exciting because in every season theres new Disney villains and it's not always the same thing over and over again. Great show, would recommend watching it. :)

Once Upon a Time imageOnce Upon a Time image

Once Upon a Time

Shows | Drama

Its Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Who doesn't like them?!

Crazy, Stupid, Love. imageCrazy, Stupid, Love. image

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Movies | Comedy

Literally one of my favorite shows ever. I've also watched this one a gazillion times and have never gotten bored. It's a mix of action, comedy, romance, basically every genre! Would recommend to those who haven't watch it yet. :)

The 100 imageThe 100 image

The 100

Shows | Drama

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