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15! Trying to get into reading <3 Curently reading: its kind of a funny story part 3


I'm not a big reader but I love this book its nicely detailed and unexpected

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Books | Sarah Weeks

i was a little confused at certain parts but it definetly kept me interested! #highlyrecommended

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Movies | Drama

Bought mine off of ebay and love it! So much information about various poisons even certain drugs, plants, animals that are in one way poisonous! Highly suggested:)

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Deadly Doses

Books | Serita Stevens

This movie is really good and action packed! There was unexpected part and also lots of blood if you dont like blood I wouldnt watch it... but it's a truly amazing movie and I hope theres a part 2!! Ended on a cliffhanger sadly :((#action

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The Old Guard

Movies | Action

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