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‘"You are stuck with me, Catalina." Both arms cradled me closer in his lap, further into his chest. The side of my head rested against his drumming heart, his chin on the top of my hair, and peace--an overpowering kind of peace I had never heard of or experienced before--settled between my shoulders. And I knew then, that we'd take anything on as long as we were together. We were a team. We'd light up each other's way, hold each other's hand, and push the other forward when we stumbled. Together. We'd do anything together. Just like we would get through this.’ #passage #quotations

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Love and Other Words

Books | Christina Lauren

"Can I help?" I tilted my head, and smiled. "No, you just being here is enough." "Can I, then?" he asked, sitting up a little straighter, his hands curling into nervous fists. "Can I stay? Like this- with you?" My heart leapt into my throat. But what about ..?I thought, but I didn't want to voice it. I didn't want him to change his mind because- "I'd like that." Because people always left. If they had a choice they left. And Ben wanted to stay. He wanted to stay. I wanted him to stay, too. The book was filled with only the good parts of us. #bookrecommendations #snippet

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The Dead Romantics

Books | Ashley Poston

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