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This one will make you think about the mistakes people make in their youth. Important movie for college students. Thought provoking movie worthy of conversation afterwards.

Burning Sands imageBurning Sands image

Burning Sands

Movies | Drama

Underrated performance by Edris Elba. Sad and heartbreaking story on child soldiers and the realities of war in other parts of the world.

Beasts of No Nation imageBeasts of No Nation image

Beasts of No Nation

Movies | Drama

Excellent movie. One of the best comedies of all time and also one of the best movies featuring an SNL cast member. Eddie Murphy is at his best. Movie featured strong performances by great cast. At the center of the movie is a sweet love story that is believable and anchors this romantic comedy. Movie also features 1st mic drop in history by the one and only Randy Watson!

Coming to America imageComing to America image

Coming to America

Movies | Comedy

Adam Sandler at his best in this sweet romantic comedy. An under rated movie. Actually one of the better movies featuring an SNL cast member.

The Wedding Singer imageThe Wedding Singer image

The Wedding Singer

Movies | Romance

How much better can you get in a movie? Two of the all time great SNL cast members in a movie with a smart script and great animation!

Shrek imageShrek image


Movies | Adventure

Original take on super hero show. Definitely one of a kind. Loved the trip through sit com history. Should be a shoe in for a Emmy!

WandaVision imageWandaVision image


Shows | Action & Adventure

Saddest opening to a movie...ever. Tear jerker beginning..never seen that before. Excellent movie!

Up imageUp image


Movies | Animation

Great show! Not afraid to make fun of the 80s vs modern day sensibilities. Clever twists and turns. In the end, a good time for 30 minutes.

Cobra Kai imageCobra Kai image

Cobra Kai

Shows | Action & Adventure

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