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Gina Curtis



A great movie, a classic family movie. You gotta see it.

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Movies | Adventure

Good movie, very interesting storyline. Hoping for a sequel.

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The Old Guard

Movies | Action

Interesting movie, a long look at how a mobster got where he is today. Kinda gritty and sad.

The Irishman imageThe Irishman image

The Irishman

Movies | Drama

This was a decent movie. Intriguing story.

In Time imageIn Time image

In Time

Movies | Action

An alright show, interesting idea. God and the devil, is it real.

Evil imageEvil image


Shows | Drama

A very good flick, deep look at the human condition and how far a man will go to stick to his convictions.

The Platform imageThe Platform image

The Platform

Movies | Drama

Good documentary. I felt this series really gave the family and victims more attention than the killers. Which is not typical in these shows.

Murder in the Heartland imageMurder in the Heartland image

Murder in the Heartland

Shows | Crime

Fantastic take on this character. Its gritty and angry and exactly what it should be.

Marvel's The Punisher imageMarvel's The Punisher image

Marvel's The Punisher

Shows | Action & Adventure

This is an awesome show! I actually missed Utred when we finished. We watched one episode every night until we finished it. Th characters where deep and well developed. Really hope there is another season. Highly recommend.

The Last Kingdom imageThe Last Kingdom image

The Last Kingdom

Shows | Action & Adventure

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